Saturday, August 4, 2012

MAGICK CRYSTALS SHOW on Facebook ~ Monday August 6th . 5pm PST

Don't miss our "Magick Crystals Show" on the White Magick Alchemy Facebook page Monday, August 6th beginning at 5pm PST!~ Thats 8pm EST!~

We've been busy the entire month of July hand picking new crystals and gemstones, photographing, measuring and getting our listings ready for Monday nights debut!~ We will be bringing you some amazing new crystals all week long which will include new healing crystals we've been introduced to and have been researching.

Unlike other online places where you can purchase crystals and gemstones, we don't purchase anything unless we've held it and carefully examined each and every crystal. I think thats what has made buying crystals on our Facebook Page so exciting for our friends and customers! Because its just not some box we received from some vendor clear across the nation of crystals and stones we've never seen before and we don't know what it is until it gets here.... these crystals and gemstones are each individually hand chosen by us! Each and every one too! So you can rest assured that any crystal you purchase from White Magick Alchemy, on either our website or on our Facebook page, is a crystal that has been carefully critiqued. We want share with you and sell only the finest crystals we can get our hands on!

Want to be informed of Crystals Shows on the White Magick Alchemy Facebook Page? Make sure you're on our Emailing List! Go to our website at and in the top right-hand corner it says Enter Email. Enter your email address there. When you do, you receive a 10% OFF Coupon Code instantly to use in our online shoppe! Coupon Codes are not valid for any crystal purchases on our WMA Facebook Page.

Read more about "Purchasing Crystals on the White Magick Alchemy Facebook Page" by clicking this link or scrolling down a few posts. It explains how to "Claim" and purchase crystals and gemstones that get posted on our Facebook Page. There are some rules so its not a bad idea to give it a read if you've never purchased on our WMA Facebook Page before.

Have any requests? Perhaps you've been searching for a particular crystal or gemstone and haven't found the perfect piece yet? Let us know! Our dealers come right to our house here and we have access to your wildest dreams! Email us at

Hope to see you next week on Facebook!~
Magickal Crystal Blessings,
Nancy & Casey

Learn more about Purchasing Crystals on the White Magick Alchemy Facebook Page here:

Visit White Magick Alchemy's online shoppe! Visit us at


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