Sunday, August 5, 2012

Creating a Healthy and Sacred Work Space

A conducive workplace is vital for a person's career development, physical and spiritual health, personal protection, as well as harmony in the office. Preparing such a space can be challenging, unless the individual has a private office. However, it's not impossible because there are several creative and fun ways to create an inviting and spiritual work environment for yourself.

Most working people spend the prime hours of their day in a room, cubicle or an open office space, and are exposed to vibrations that can have adverse effects on the human body. Fatigue, weakness, restlessness, aches, poor concentration and high levels of stress are all linked to artificial light and electromagnetic radiation via electronic equipment like computers and cell phones.

One good way to create an pleasant and peaceful work area is to perform regular space clearing to flush out the negative energies, and attract positive vibrations. Choose a time when you are unlikely to be disturbed before you start work or after working hours. Discard all old newspapers, unused books and clutter on or under the desk to free the space and allow fresh energies to flow in freely. If possible, perform a quick cleansing ritual with a small piece of White Sage. If thats not possible, keep a small offering bowl of White Sage within your work space.

After you have cleaned up your work area, have a private corner and create a sacred space. It can even be a shelf or a small table area. In this protective zone, you can build an unobtrusive altar by displaying anything that gives you comfort and peace. The idea is to have a sacred altar space that brings you happiness. Include things that make you happy! Fresh flowers, photos, statuary, small fountains, crystals, anything that makes you smile. Make your area smell good and place scented candles around. The scent throw from a unlit candle can last years. Or perhaps set up some scented incense. This sacred mantle will serve as protection around you, and strengthen your aura levels so that negative energies cannot get to you. To promote good vibrations at work, chant or give thanks for your blessings at your altar you have created by viewing it and just taking that moment before you start your day.

If you are having trouble with a colleague, place an indoor plant between the two of you to serve as a protection barrier. Display plants and fresh flowers that have protective qualities, such as Jasmine and Fern. Besides your work area, you can also place plants in the waiting room and reception area to reduce invasive effects from the energy of visitors. To further enhance your protective shield, display crystals like Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Jet, Onyx, Tiger Eye or Moonstone on your desk and at the four corners of the room to help absorb stray and negative energies. Include plenty of indoor plants in the area to provide oxygen, and let their vibrations connect you to the natural world.

If you are involved in business and want to focus on abundance, create a prosperity box. Using green ink, draw up a list of what you wish for and place it in a prosperity box together with Citrine, Crystal Quartz, Aventurine, Sardonyx, Lodestones, Bloodstone and Smokey Quartz crystals, to name a few.

Last but not least, get yourself a good work chair. If you are sitting for the majority of your day, its important to have a good chair that offers support to your body. The body reacts to poor conditions and unless you have a good healthy chair to sit in throughout your work day, over time, you will begin to feel the effects physically and emotionally. My personal recommendation is any one of the new office chairs made my Tempurpedic. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Might you make a kit for achieving an ideal workplace?