Monday, January 2, 2012

Wishing Everyone a Blessed 2012!~

Hi Everyone!

Well, here we go! Another year begins and its 2012! I can hardly believe last year went to fast! My father always used to tell me that when you get older, the years fly by, boy was he right... :' )

So, whats on the menu at White Magick Alchemy for 2012? My beautiful daugher Sydni will be graduating this year from High School and she is already taking the lead here at the shoppe. She's been working with me since she was about 5 years old, always interested in the craft, making candles, herbs, our retail shoppe, so its not surprising that she is going to jump right in and become a huge part of what we do here after she graduates. She currently works after school and has been for the last 2 years on a part time basis. But as the holidays approached, she worked tirelessly, sometimes 8 or 9pm right along with me. Oh, we had a great time too! We always have lots of fun when we all work together ~

Sydni has learned so much throughout the years, working side by side with me, that along her journey, she has pretty much become an herbalist! She knows her magick thats for sure. I couldn't be more pleased to have her start taking over more of the magick here, so now I'm really feeling changes beginning to take place and it feels awesome. I'm so proud of her, its just amazing to me, to see and feel all these changes come about! So when you think of White Magick Alchemy, envision two blondes, having fun with the magick and having a great time with you too! I thank you so much for your love and support of our magickal family here ~ We thank you!~

Also on the menu here is New Magickal Offerings! I have a plethora of new visions and ideas I hope to debut this year. Its basically been all about time, I just never seem to have enough time to create things I want to share in the shoppe. Hopefully this year, and with Sydni's help, I can finally get those ideas created to share with you all!

As many of you know, we rebuilt the White Magick Alchemy website, so in addition to the Etsy shoppe, we are now able to offer a wider range of magickal offerings to everyone. Our main focus is always "creating" and charging the magick with our hands, but there are so many cool things out there, the new site provides a venue in which we can share some really neat and unique offerings, tools and magickal supplies. My vision is to have White Magick Alchemy be a place where people go to find really unique offerings, as well as a place you can purchase the tools necessary to create your own magick. We already have some witchcraft staples available, and although you will find those necessary items, WMA is never going to turn into a shoppe thats over-run with plethora of "stuff".  What I want to do is make WMA the place to go for beautifully handmade magickal offerings, some made by others as well, unique magickal decor items, and of course, our own handmade and witch blessed magickal candles, herbal alchemy, and all the other ideas I have brewing in my head. So stay tuned and watch the magick be revealed!

Its no secret, there are a few people on Etsy, one of which was my own customer, who for years purchased my candles and offerings, have copied and capitalized on the White Magick Alchemy Shoppe, the "Old World aka Old Ways" theme, shoppe look, product offerings and candles that WMA has been creating for many many years. Trust me when I say this, I've been doing this for almost 20 years, I did extensive research before bringing White Magick Alchemy online, and no one was doing "Old World Magick", no one was doing the kinds of candles and offerings I was making and offering in my shoppe. These people basically capitalized on White Magick Alchemy to the fullest extent. Blatant replications of WMA product offerings are not White Magick Alchemy offerings. And copying someone else's shoppe theme, name, products, product names, etc, really speaks volumes about what kind of people are out there and how desperate people can actually be.  This old customer of mine even changed her shop name several times before utilizing word "Alchemy" for her business name to represent her Etsy shop, perhaps to trick or mislead, who knows why she choose a name for her business from the shop she copies. But she'll be the first to defend her actions by saying things like "She didn't invent the word Alchemy" and "She didn't invent drippy candles" or "She didn't invent the "whatever". The woman is constantly in "Defense Mode" because she knows very well that she copied everything about and contained within White Magick Alchemy to build herself a business. Why would she constantly feel compelled to defend herself if she didn't have something to hide?  My customers see it. Heck! You bring most of it to my attention! She also considers WMA as her "competition" and considers her shop, Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy, my competition, justifying her actions by saying she is "benchmarking her competition". I don't consider someone who uses WMA as a template, copies my business, shoppe theme, my product offerings, my candles, and everything about WMA as any sort of competition. Especially someone who hides behind a veil of deceit. This is a woman who is obsessed with me, stalks me, who stalks my Facebook page, and denounces my FB postings on a daily basis. I feel sorry for a person like that. The funny thing is..... watch... She's gonna go postal on this post!  a) Because she's reading it (who has that kind of time on their hands? lol) and b) because she's in defense mode, and c) she simply cannot contain herself from going completely mad on the subject. LOL I could literally write a novel on this subject, but rather than bore you with the ridiculous details, I rest my case.  : D  And its just not me, there are so many artists on Etsy that have the exact same issues with these copy cats as I do. Its a real drag for some of us. Imagine you're stuff being copied. Its negative energy and if you are living a spiritual path like we are, its not in any way positive light or anything good.

For anyone who has a problem with my posting here, I believe that we all need to be true to ourselves and I am being true to myself by my writings.  I also believe there is nothing wrong with letting people know what kind of energy is out there because there are some really dishonest people out there. I am not a dishonest person, therefore, I can be honest with you and share my feelings. I have nothing to hide. However there are many who do. So, with that said, for 2012, I wish my copy-catys both spiritual peace, awakening and renewal. Perhaps this year they will be able to tap into their own creative energy instead of feeding off of someone else. I think its very important, that if you are a true artist, to create "your own" stuff and not mimic and replicate someone else's creative insight. Otherwise you're not being true to yourself. Just like all the other computer companies are copying Apple's iPhones and iPads and stuff. They see that something is popular and people like it, so they create their own spin-off designs to get their share of the action. Sadly, thats human nature huh? I don't know.... its just a waste of energy if you ask me. But 2012 is about change and renewal for me personally, so perhaps I felt like expressing my true feelings on this to banish that which does not serve. I just want to be left alone to do what I do without being stalked and copied, is that too much to ask?

For the rest of you beautiful people! Health! Happiness! Love! Peace! Abundance! Spirit! Who knows what this Mayan Calendar thing is all about, but I hope what it means is that the world is heading towards a new spiritual awakening. Since the beginning of time, countries, people, have been at war. I'm not the type of person who gets excited about hurting another person, but strangely, most people are. Why? Are the majority that hung up on money and being prosperous that they can harm others without a second thought? Lets hope that this year brings change and renewal!

I would like to thank each and every one of you, my friends, customers, for digging what we do over here. A lot of hard work goes into every single creation here, charging and blessing our candles, oils and herbs, its a very serious thing we do. And to read all the positive feedback, how everyone loves my (our) stuff, well, its just a beautiful thing. I thank you so much for supporting our magick shoppe and more importantly, I'm really glad everyone can feel the magick! Because we do, every day!

So, now as we begin this new year, lets all pray for that spiritual awakening ok?

Love and blessings to all ~


  1. A copy is never an original, and the original is always best.

    As superficial as this may sound, one of the things I love love love about your product (besides the awesome contents of the jars and bottles) is the packaging.

    I love the care and design taken into the labels. None of your competitors have this, when you look at their items yea they have labels, but none carry the consistency of a brand or that little special something something yours have.

    You can see the care and effort put in to each and every item. I might be biased on this because I do graphic design, but I just wanted to let you know, I think your product rocks, in the what you offer and the packaging that you provide it in.

    Oh and you have some fine customer service skills, I would have thought you would have killed me by my 30th email but no, you just answer my questions and help me out. :)


  2. Awe, thank you! Thats a beautiful compliment and I'm so thrilled to hear, especially from you, well with being a designer and all, that my product packaging designs rock! Wow! Thank YOU!

    As far as the term "competitors".... they aren't. They are simply people who have no creative vision of their own and can't do anything else but use and steal from others because they lack their own creativity. Thats not artistic expression. If someone has been making candles on their stove for over a year and has the audacity to publicly claim that they make "the best candles"..... bad enough they thieve and lie about what they do, but to toot your own horn based upon the creation of knock-off replications of someone else's product.... explains the veil of deceit. Magickal day!