Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deadly and Toxic Herbs in 21st Century Witchcraft

In historic times, many people utilized dangerous and toxic herbs and flowers such as Deadly Nightshade/ Atropa Belladonna, Henbane, Bryony, Foxglove, Lovage as well as other very deadly herbs, flowers, and berries. Most of these plants were on the path of being discovered, and it wasn't until utilized in a plethora of applications, smoking of the herbs and flowers, ingestion, skin applications, salves, ointments, oils and other tinctures, that their toxicity and deadly potencies were uncovered and realized.

In the 21st Century, experienced modern witches and magical practitioners take due caution with the herbs, flowers, berries, woods and ingredients that are used to create in spell oils, ointments, herbal blends, teas and other handcrafted magical aids, as since ancient times, we now know which herbs and flowers are "safe" as opposed to dangerous and toxic. With a myriad of beautiful, safe, loving and healing herbs, flowers, berries and other plant based ingredients readily available, we can choose wisely when we purchase ingredients which can be used to either create our own magical preparations and those we purchase from others who create magical offerings for us. Many of the most common toxic plants used in witchcraft in ancient times, such as Atropa Belladonna, are narcotic, hallucinogenic, cause spasmolytoc (pupil dilation), confusion, delirium, insomnia, twitching, convulsions, seizures, rage, violent heart palpitations and rapid heart beat, labored breathing, extreme pain in all areas of the body, joints, headache, vertigo, loss of consciousness and possible death. This is only a brief description of the many effects of these toxic plants.

I suppose my blog posting today is meant to serve as reminder to everyone to please choose and use any magical herbs, flowers, berries, plant extracts, oils and blends very carefully and use caution and be aware of the potential deadly and toxic risks associated with dangerous plants and plant extracts. There seems to be some sort of allure and idea that using the flowers, leaves, berries and woods from these toxic plants will make your magic that much more potent and powerful. Not true. While they seem to captivate the imagination of ancient witchcraft, there are much safer and appropriate ways to create magic in your life without allowing yourself to become enchanted with either the notion, name(s) or the magical intentional associations of these plants which are dangerous, toxic and life threatening.

Being a magical practitioner for most of my life, I have vast knowledge regarding the utilization of herbs in magic. Since I create handcrafted and witch-blessed magical offerings that contain herbs and natural plant extracts here at White Magick Alchemy, I beIieve that it would be very irresponsible and careless for me, as a herbal practitioner, and as a business owner, to market and sell dangerous, deadly, toxic plants and extracts. More importantly though, is the safety of those "people", customers, who use my magical spell oils, teas, herbal blends, and magical offerings. I would never intentionally put anyone's life or family at risk to glamorize my product offerings or to make money. Thats not how "I" roll. Nor would I ever feel comfortable having to market any magical aid which contains a WARNING blurb which explains to the buyer that the product they are purchasing from White Magick Alchemy was HIGHLY TOXIC, POISONOUS, and may be LETHAL IF INGESTED. When you are purchasing a legitimate magical aid, the last thing you should have to do is worry, or read capital letters that scream WARNING! DEADLY!... usually stated at the bottom of an online listing or at the bottom of the product(s) label. Thats just plain irresponsible on behalf of any business, company or online seller who crafts handmade magical offerings for public use.

A simple statement lets say, on the bottom of an Etsy listing, where a seller selling products containing these deadly and toxic plants release themselves from any liability, monetarily or otherwise arising from any accidents which should arise from the use of these herbs/flowers/oils/etc signifies how irresponsible that seller really is. I recently read in an Etsy product listing for an oil containing these deadly herbs and flowers this, and I just about laughed my ass off... " You are at least 18 years of age and understand that minors under 18 years of age who attempt to buy or who succeed to buy this product will be prosecuted."  ....  Really? Who is checking ID's here?
And prosecuted? I think the only person here that would be prosecuted is the seller! Hence the reasoning behind not selling these types of product offerings in the first place. Someone purchases this dangerous oil. That person's child gets a hold of it and ingests it, and becomes seriously ill, ends up in the hospital. You mean to tell me that the person who sold them the oil is not going to be held legally responsible or get slammed with a lawsuit? What if that child died? I shutter to think. This is dangerous practice, irresponsible practice, and ignorant practice.

Here's another interesting tidbit on the subject. I have know people who have either gotten possession of these types of plants or who have actually grown them themselves in their home gardens. These people changed. They went mad in a strange sort of way, I'm not kidding. My friends have witnessed this strange behavior as well and it is a very serious and scary thing. To see someone change, it's almost like they believed that they had some sort of higher power, which was in actuality simply a "false sense of power". Thinking became distorted and delusive, they became enveloped, almost as if encompassed with some sort of inner darkness, which was perceived by others as harmful, evil and perhaps even slightly demonic, as opposed to the righteous persona they were under the impression they were exhibiting. All I know is one lady's cat got into the garden and died.

So, for me, these sort of plants are not something I wish to incorporate into my magical offerings either personally or within my WMA offering lines. With all these amazing alternatives, ask yourself why? And if you have children, you know how to make the best and safest decisions for yourself and for your family. While magical aids such as spell oils, herbal mixes, ointments, ingestible herbs and teas are and will always be a part of what we do, always remember, please, be responsible. Make responsible choices when you purchase oils and other handmade magical offerings to assist you in your workings. Rest assured, all the organic and wildcrafted herbs and plant extracts I use here at White Magick Alchemy, will never ever harm you. We are here to help you, not harm you. For instance, the Witches Flying and Belladonna oils that I offer, are 100% safe and are created using alternative plants, oils and extracts. And they are just as effective as well. You don't have to put your life, your families life, your friends and your pets at risk here.

Your journey is your journey. If you use or choose to incorporate some of these toxic plants into your magical workings, I'm sure you are an experience practitioner and know how to use them appropriately. Be safe my magical witches! I am in no way trying to discourage your own path or make any recommendations on how you should conduct your own magic. However, I am entitled to make my own decisions for myself and for how I conduct and utilize herbs and whatnot in my magical workings, and as you have learned, I choose safety. For myself, my family, friends, familiars and customers. This message will hopefully touch a few practitioners, old and new alike, and help prevent the preventable. And for those just beginning, I want you to hear it first hand, and know the risks and know the truth. Magic is not meant to be perceived as glamorous, alluring or romanticized. Real magic is real magic. It is a thought, a projection, a prayer, an enchantment. The success of any magical working not only depends upon the way in which it is worked or cast, but also upon the power of positive thinking, positive intent, and the ability to imagine and believe in the magic being created ~

Its all about education for many who are new to this path, this beautiful journey. And what an amazing and beautiful journey it is! Be safe my friends! xo


  1. Thank you for this post! I would never buy something harmful on purpose(I have six kids,2 grandchildren,4 dogs,2 cats)or something with a warning like those,that being said I'm pretty new at witch craft and have grown some of my own herbs.I can't grow them all though and can't make everything I need myself,it is hard to know who to trust, I'm so glad to have found you. Your blog/website is informative(love to learn)and beautiful! Thank you so much! Bridget's Daughter

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