Sunday, January 8, 2012

Imbolc Candles at White Magick Alchemy ~ Promise of Spring Ritual Candle

Celebrate the coming of Spring and Imbolc and adorn your celebratory altar with beautifully handcrafted and blessed ritual candles!

Promise of Spring Imbolc Ritual Candles are perfect for celebrating and for ritual in honor of Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, and the Goddess Brigid, the Triple Goddess of Fire, as the element of fire is the element of creation and new beginnings. As the days begin to grow longer and with the return of the Sun, Imbolc is the time to visualize life flourishing with abundance, creativity and renewed strength. Imbolc represents purification, renewal, reflection, fertility, purity and illumination.

White Magick carries a wide array of handmade and witch blessed ritual candles for all of the Pagan and Wiccan Sabbats. One of our new Imbolc candles is this beautifully hand poured Promise of Spring ritual candle, scented with the traditional symbolism and fragrances of fresh flowering winter flora, (so beautifully rich), with a dash of sweet cream and snow frost. Like winter flowers drenched in a cold ozonic cream. Witches are abundant in illumination as a myriad of candles are lit shedding light upon the darkness of winter. The light shines thru the cold winter days as the returning of spring is approaching, the earth soon to be reawakened.

Come see our magic spell candles at While Magick Alchemy! Just click the link below and to view the Promise of Spring Imbolc pillar candle and all of our other charged Herbal Alchemy, Witches Magick and Lucky Spirit Brand Candles!

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