Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Witches Apple

Apple Lore: Few of our Mother's gifts are so celebrated in lore as the apple. Often associated with fertility Goddesses, the apple is, for many peoples, a Tree of Knowledge.

Apples may be incorporated into any ritual in which one desires to give honor to a God or Goddess of fertility. The seeds may be planted in establishing a shrine of trees to Aphrodite or other fertility Goddesses. Dried seeds and bark may be powdered to be used as incense. Apples may be eaten, the juice shared in the ritual cup, or incense offered when seeking knowledge through the Tree of Life, an act requesting wisdom from the dieties. The apple may also be used as a symbol of security.

Apples are often associated with good luck. Many enjoy cutting the apple in half horizontally, where the seed cavity produces a five-pointed star.

The apple is believed to improve one's spirits and elevate one's happiness. Apples are corresponded with Venus and with Friday, which is her day.

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