Monday, September 7, 2009

Do you have the Time?

I am so busy, all the time!~ My business runs 24/7 non-stop. Between all my wholesale orders for Purple Sun Candles and White Magick Alchemy and White Magick Shoppe, family, friends and personal time, I don't have time for much else. Which brings up this topic: How do people find time to create, run a business, take care of your family, pets, the home, and still have time for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and blogs?

I'm not convinced that creating alternative sites like Facebook and Twitter create sales for online businesses. Honestly, I beleive it to be a complete waste of life. I know of other shops that Facebook and Twitter and it doesn't bring in any additional business, so why are people doing it? I have a plethora of ideas in my head, so when I have some extra time, usually on the weekends, I love to keep myself busy creating more items to offer. That is when I feel most satisfied, when I'm creating. The last think I want to do or have time for is sit in front of a computer and post comments to people who commented on my myspace page. I'd rather be out in nature, enjoying the fresh air, spending time with my kids and having fun!~

I'm going to speak candidly here. Who ever has time to waste, tending to Facebook, Twitter and other venues for promoting your shops, STOP! Think about it. Are you truly utilizing your time? Is the time that you're spending in front of the computer actually creating more sales for you? Probably not. It may be time to rethink your strategy to utilize your time more efficiently to create a prosperous successful shop.

It amazes me how many etsy sellers have all this extra time to spend on these sites, while complaining about low sales. I know of several sellers who are on Facebook, Myspace, Paganspace and all these other sites, they sign in everyday, they have tons of comments, they post tons of comments, they basically sit in front of their computers all day, evidently, with nothing better to do than to tend to these silly sites, wondering why their sales are non-existant. If you want your shop to be successful, you've got to do something about it. Create! Have fun! Stop wasting time and get busy!

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