Saturday, September 24, 2011

White Magick Alchemy's Harvest Blessings

I feel so blessed on this Mabon, and celebrate with friends and family, the Grand Re-Opening of White Magick Alchemy!

I have been working on the re-building of my website for about a month now, working during the day on making and shipping my magickal offerings, and by night and well into the witching hours, working on the site. Although the site is up and running, my work has just begun. The whole family has come together to make this happen, including my littlest witch, Sydni, who has been working tirelessly along with me, packing orders, receiving our inventory, and keeping the studio and house tidy so that mama witch doesn't have to worry about the mundane. And my new personal assistant, Jessica, who has been working hard as well, keeping me organized and catering to my every whim... And of course, my beautiful boyfriend, who made sure all the animals were fed. He never once lost his patience with me, even when I worked well into the night and didn't remember a word he said the day before. My beautiful friends, Paul and Sonia, for all their hard work, patience and tireless efforts assisting me with building the new website. My new friend Bear, who after a long day of lounging and watching me walk back and forth, stepping over him, patiently walked with me as we enjoyed some fresh air in nature after a long day. And finally, to beautiful Toby, who was with me every step of the way too, in spirit... thank you all for your love and patience. For it is times like these, we stop and reflect, and behold in all of our blessings and give thanks for the abundance in our lives ~

Although we didn't get to celebrate Mabon in traditional fashion this year, we celebrate the fruits of our labors and the sacrifices endured with the opening of the new site. I am planning on taking this weekend off to relax, spend some time with my family and enjoy a Mabon bonfire with everyone, and somewhere there is feasting involved! Thank you to all my wonderful customers, who have become my dear friends, and I hope you all enjoy a lovely Mabon weekend! Now OFF to the Crystal Tub!

Magickal blessings to all this Mabon ~
Please visit our new website at

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