Monday, September 26, 2011

Harness the Power of the Moon and the Goddess' Ultimate Divine feminine Energy

Since ancient times, the Lunar Goddess reigns as the feminine force of the moon. The Moons divine energy is a great force which we draw power and strength from during ritual. Lunar magic plays an important role for us as honor the Goddesses, utilizing each lunar phase within our spellworkings and rituals to invoke spiritual energy.

The Moon harnesses the power of ultimate Divine feminine energy. Its association with the Goddess helps us and provides powerful energy for spells, magic, divination, love and truth seeking. Lunar Magick can assist in an abundance of magickal workings. Empowerment, personal growth, strength, divination, love, wishes, peace and balance. abundance, dream workings, wishes, banishing and protection spells and Esbats. Call upon your moon Goddess (Artemis, Hathor, Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, Astarte) and invoke the strength and power of the moon and all of her magick during ritual and spell workings.

These darling smaller Lunar Alchemy Witches Moon Candles are adorable! Sprinkled in the top of the candle are witch blessed magickal herbs associated with Lunar Magick. Each candle is created with special care and charged under the full moon upon an altar of beautiful towering crystals, billowing cauldrons of incense, drawing strength and magic from her natural light and divine ethereal energy.

Each candle burns approximately 60 hours. Made from all natural wax, pure essential oils, essence oils, natural botanicals and pure cotton wick and free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space. Perfect for spell casting and ritual use.

Lunar Alchemy WItches Moon Pillar Candles are loaded with Bladderwrack, a powerful lunar herb, Sandalwood, Moonwort, Amber, Vanilla and so much more! For lunar magic, feminine energy, divination, healing, abundance, peace and wishes. 

Visit White Magick Alchemy and enter the portal where the spirit of Old World Magick transcends in elegantly handcrafted witch wares and magickal offerings ~


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