Friday, July 8, 2011

New “Alchemist Tree” offerings are brewing at White Magick Alchemy Shoppe

White Magick Alchemy's new "Alchemist Tree" debuted last week and has been well received by all!~ The vision was to create new magickal offerings, bringing the aid of the ancients into your spell and ritual workings. Each creation encompasses an old world secret blending of rare unique all-organic witch blessed herbs, woods, flowers, resins, heartwoods, saps, blessed oils and all natural plant extracts carefully chosen and magically executed with intent. Every offering is created with special care and charged under the appropriate moon phase upon an altar of beautiful towering crystals, billowing cauldrons of incense, and a magickal powerful charge of white magick.

"Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oils are made in the old Pagan tradition and can be used to anoint candles during spell and ritual work, to anoint the body, for anointing tools for use in your oil burner and even used as a perfume. Alchemist Tree offerings will be added weekly, so continue to check out the White Magick Shoppe as more items are revealed.

Vanilla Bean Ritual Oil is naturally created by aging fresh Madagascar Vanilla Beans into golden oils of sweet almond and jojoba. You can actually see the pulp of the fresh vanilla beans suspended within this wonderfully all-natural amber colored oil. A beautiful compliment when anointing your candles! Unscented spell candles are transformed and drenched in vanilla! Makes a lovely perfume too! Just beautiful, one of my favorites.

Pictured: Vanilla Bean "Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oil . Love, Passion, Romance, Sex, Mental Clarity and Strength, Psychic Vision, Divination

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