Friday, January 7, 2011

Witches Salt

Traditionally, Witches Salt is is mixture of black salt and charcoal, utilized in magic spells for banishing, driving away evil and protection. Pepper is commonly added as well as herbs to conjure the salts intent.  Placed upon the altar for spell workings, Witches Salt is also used for cleansing, charging scrying mirrors, casting circles and purification baths.

White Magick Alchemy's Witches Salts are available in traditional Black and now Pink, each charged and blessed with intent.

Pink Witches Salt, for use in Love, Wishes, Clearing, Healing, Abundance, Prosperity. Peace, Dreams and Lunar Magick.

Black Witches Salt for, use in Protection, Banishing, Purification, Curse & Hex Breaking, Change, Bindings, Shadow Works, New Beginnings and work with waning and dark moon magick. 

Not only can these salts be used within your spells and rituals, but these beautiful salts can also be used in your witches kitchen. Add it to your translucent salt shaker or grinder where dinner guests and family will appreciate their lovely pink or black hues. Dip the rim of your drink glass in a fine grain Witches Salt to enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktails.

White Magick Alchemy Witches Salts are a generous 5 ounces, a great deal as these salts are not only expensive, but the majority of Witches Salt on the market today only come in small amounts and are more on the higher priced end. A excellent deal for the money!~

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