Tuesday, November 9, 2010

VAMPIRE Inspired All-Natural Artisan Perfumes ~ New! by White Magick Alchemy

White Magick Alchemy's new "Vampire" All-Natural Artisan Perfume Oils are exquisitly earthly and elegant. Each intoxicating essence, hand blended and bound together with all-natural organic alchemical ingredients with Old World spirit. Aromatic absolutes, pure essential oils, jojoba, cold pressed shea oils, blessed organic herbs, flowers, sacred woods and resins, create each one of these beautiful Vampire inspired perfumes.

VAMPIRE All-Natural Perfume Oils are available in these other dark and haunting essences:

Immortal ~ London ~ Haunt ~ Pale ~ Blood ~ Twilight

Click the White Magick Shoppe link in the top right hand corner to be directed to the shop ~

The journey creating these exotic blends is yet a tale to be told. I have been working on the "Vampire" Perfume line since January of 2010. Precisely composing each natural fragrance to capture the essence of the existence in which the Vampire resides. I was taken aback as each fragrance was brought to life. Brilliantly executed.

These botanical elixers will invoke you in ways unimaginable.... they have for me. Alluring, haunting, magical creations I'm sure you will adore ~


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